Ubiquitous Learning

Cerchiamo soluzioni innovative finalizzate a delocalizzare la formazione obbligatoria che oggi ha il vincolo di essere svolta in aula o sul posto di lavoro per il tipo di esercitazioni che richiede.

Area: Corporate


We want to discover, collect and evaluate innovative solutions aimed at delocalizing mandatory training that today has the constraint of being held in the classroom or in the workplace.


AR / VR / MR technologies are becoming increasingly accessible to both end-consumers and businesses, and can address problems related to different segments. Our interest lies in the adoption of technologies capable of making A2A Group trainings accessible remotely even for those courses that currently have to be held in the classroom or in the workplace (for the type of practical exercises required) in order to become complementary or substitute for the current courses.

We are looking for a partner who can collaborate with A2A to develop solutions that can change and redefine the use of courses and simulations through the use of augmented / virtual / mixed realities / immersive spaces / 3D spaces and holograms.

A2A Group wishes to create and expand its training offer with these technologies because we believe they can produce exponential impacts on the world of training but also create and identify new products and services or improve existing processes.
The goals we intend to achieve through this call concern:

  • The simplification of training processes
  • The reduction of commuting/travelling of the participants
  • The improvement of the learning curve in terms of quality and speed
  • The improvement of the enjoyment of the participants and consequent reduction of absences
  • The increase in educational tools available to employees
  • The increase of safety, risk awareness and the consequent reduction of the injury rate
  • The improvement of the representability of complex environments to help and speed up the understanding of these by potential external suppliers
  • Cost reduction for, use of classrooms, reduction of travel costs (and improvement of environmental sustainability), scalability of a digitally delivered course, …


The critical aspects that the applicant must take into consideration concern the courses in which there are certain quality standards on the simulation of the on-site participation experience.


Guadagni e benefici

We encourage the participation of companies and research institutes that are have the expertise required to achieve the goals of this challenge.

The actor who will be declared the winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to start a collaboration with A2A Group that can lead to:

  • Development of a pilot project/prototype of the proposed solution
  • Running a test
  • Technical support during the implementation
  • A potential collaboration that can be extended to different areas of the Group

Come posso partecipare

Candidates must send the material to describe and provide a clear explanation of the proposed solutions (presentation deck, technical characteristics of the solution, …)

In the selection, the candidates who propose the most inherent solutions to those constraints that currently prevent A2A from delocalising the course and making them virtually available will be awarded. (see attachment with and extract of the course list and a brief description)

Our team of experts will carry out an accurate analysis of the proposals to understand the one that is most fitting for experimentation.

Eligibility driver:

  • The call is aimed at companies that have already developed a software capable of creating augmented / virtual / mixed realities / immersive spaces / 3D spaces and holograms experiences.
  • The ease of maintenance / modification of a virtual environment developed and which could undergo changes over time
  • The ease and speed in creating a course
  • Development and maintenance cost
  • Relevance and precision of the development of the course in terms of the quality of the simulation of the original context

Project deliverables:

  • Description of the company / research institute, its size, capabilities in relation to the topic and any reference cases completed or in progress on similar topics (max. 1000 words);
  • General description of the proposal (max. 500 words);
  • Description of the technical solution enriched by images, schemes and diagrams that might be helpful for its understanding (max. 1000 words);
  • Description of the timing for the implementation of the proposed solution and the costs associated with the implementation on 1 educational course (max. 500 words);
  • Description of the expected benefits and impacts of the proposed solution (max. 1000 words);


Selection Process

At the end of the period of collection of the proposals, A2A will follow a selection process to identify the most insightful and fitting ideas. A team of A2A experts and technicians will evaluate the proposals according to the following criteria:

  • Technical feasibility of the proposed solution and possibility of practical implementation;
  • Timescales required for its implementation and related costs;
  • Business potential for A2A;
  • Innovation of the proposed solution and creativity;
  • Company profile and experience of the applicant

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