Call for Climate Tech

We are looking for innovative solutions to address the climate change challenges

Area: Climate Tech


The challenge aims to identify innovative solutions in the Climate Tech field to pursue the global challenge of mitigating and adapting to Climate Change.

Indeed, technological innovations play a crucial role in tackling the climate crisis by reducing emissions in different economic sectors or increasing the resilience to climate risks and extremes that are already an irreversible threat to humanity and the planet.

We can all contribute to the sustainable development of communities and territories and the planet as a whole by collaborating with A2A Life Company to shape the future of Climate Tech.

Object of the call

We are looking for innovative solutions that can match the innovation needs of A2A Life Company by identifying partners who will jointly develop a project roadmap with A2A. Solutions may involve new technology, a new business model, or process improvements with the constraint of addressing key climate change challenges.

The need arises from the global urgency of tackling the climate crisis, especially after the Sixth IPCC Report has demonstrated the unequivocal responsibility of human activities in the increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events and the changes of the climate system as a whole. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the international body that presents projections of future climate change based on different scenarios and the risks that climate change poses. It discusses the implications of response options.

The IPCC indicates the deployment and scale-up of existing technologies and the adoption of early-stage technologies as a potential way to reduce global emissions by about two-thirds. Still, new solutions must be developed to bridge the remaining gap.

For these reasons, the main challenges of the Call for Climate Tech Startups to successfully achieve climate change mitigation and adaptation are associated with four topic areas:

  • Environment: The built environment includes buildings, spaces, passages, landscapes, and the above and below-ground infrastructure that supports human activity such as transportation networks, water, energy, telecommunications and construction.
  • Materials & Manufacturing: Innovations across the whole life cycle and value chain of materials and products we make and use. Advances in primary materials, intermediate and end products, manufacturing processes and supply chain traceability that directly or indirectly reduce carbon emissions are resource-efficient and valorize waste and by-products through circular material flows.
  • Land use: Restoring soil health, preventing land degradation, and reducing emissions that result from human land-use driven by agriculture and production and consumption behaviour.
  • Nature: Conservation and restoration of the Earth’s natural ecosystems such that carbon sinks are amplified, biodiversity loss is avoided, and the resilience of ecosystems, habitats and species to withstand climate change is augmented.

As A2A Life Company, in our core business, we can tackle many of the mentioned challenges.

In Annex, you will find detailed descriptions of the different areas of interest that you will have to select by submitting your idea.


Why partecipate

By taking part in this initiative, you can directly impact the fight against climate change. For this reason, we encourage the participation of startups and innovative SMEs with the expertise required to achieve the goals of this challenge.

The actors who will be declared suitable technology partners will have the opportunity to start a collaboration with the A2A Group that can develop a pilot project/prototype of the proposed solution, with up to € 150K funding for each pilot project.

The challenge aims to seek up to 20 potential pilot projects to be developed in 2022.

All the candidates will, in any case, benefit from the possibility of entering the open innovation ecosystem of A2A’s potential partners and start a collaboration when an opportunity will arise or be suitable for an innovation fund.

How to partecipate

The initiative will be divided into 4 phases:

  • Call for Climate Tech Startups: interested participants may join the industry by filling out and submitting the appropriate application form by 25/03/2022
  • Selection process: the innovative solutions will be progressively assessed over the following months, and suitable candidates will be reached out to discuss their proposal directly with the A2A teams. End 29/04/2022
  • Opportunities development: The solutions suitable for a project will interact with our experts to develop a specific concept and define potential experimentation. From 30/04/2022
  • Projects running: The approved experimentation will receive the funding to start the project. From mid July 2022


Focus Areas

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