Unlocking the Future: A Password-Free World

The project: Let’s shape a future without passwords

In the current technological context, with the multitude of services available online, cyber security is becoming increasingly central.

Every two seconds, a digital identity is stolen. The main cause of identity theft is linked to the simplicity of the passwords chosen and used by users.

Post-pandemic reports show that, on average, each user is subscribed to about a hundred digital services, for which they have created credentials without following password security rules.

Using a password that is too simple, insecure, or the same as the one used for other services obviously exposes greater risk of vulnerability.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to find a new solution capable of providing inviolable digital identities, simple to use and create.

This is why A2A has chosen VOICEME, the patented Secure Customer Authentication platform, based on an innovative biometric authentication system that uses voice and five other identification factors.

VOICEME has been integrated into the A2A innovation portal, allowing access via voice as an alternative to the classic use of username and password.

The advantages: The best user experience, ensuring maximum security

VOICEME allows an EASY, SIMPLE and SAFE User Experience. It has four main advantages that make iteIDAS and PSD2 compliant:

How it works: Repeat a simple sentence, being identified in seconds

New users and those already registered can create their own biometric profile to be able to use it for subsequent accesses.

The creation of the biometric profile is a simple and quick process : the user is asked to enter their username and password one last time, after which they must repeat a sentence displayed on the screen in order to record their voice and face.

It is sufficient to acquire only 3 to 5 seconds of audio and video to create a biometric profile, thus enabling subsequent accesses with biometric recognition.

Once the profile has been created, the user will be able to use the “Biometric Log In with VOICEME” to be able to access the portal, eliminating the need to remember a username and password.


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